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Price List

Contact us via phone or email to place your order. Prices listed do not include VAT. Minimum order quantities and delivery charges may apply.

Acrylic Resin Sealer £2.50 per Ltr
Light Grey Primer £2.50 per Ltr
Red Oxide Primer £2.50 per Ltr
Toluene / Xylene Solvent £2.50 per Ltr
Floor Paint £2.50 per Ltr
Acrylic Paint £2.50 per Ltr
Solar Silver Re-roof £2.50 per Ltr
Traffic Green £2.50 per Ltr
Traffic Red £2.50 per Ltr
Army Green (Olive) £2.50 per Ltr
Hardener £10.00 per Ltr

Delivery charges

Delivery is free within a 20 mile radius, or further afield for large orders. We are happy to arrange a courier on your behalf for small orders outside of the 20 mile radius. You are also welcome to pick up orders from our warehouse.

Delivery is available outside a 20 mile radius at the following rates:

2 - 12 tins£47.00
13 - 24 tins£67.00